Star Wars Edge of the Empire

Aog Surna, a Bothan slicer, grew up on the Bothan home planet of Bothawui in a well-respected family known for their intel gathering deftness.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Surna's were one of the few who attempted the dangerous and highly risky mission to steal the Death Star plans. Though the mission was a success, many Bothan families paid the ultimate price when Emperor Palpatine subsequently slaughtered them by the thousands, including all but five of Aog's family members.

Today, Aog is on a quest for vengeance against the Empire, and especially the Emperor. To bankroll his revenge, Aog borrowed heavily from the Hutts.

Critical injuries: none



blue = career skill
General Skills Rank
Astrogation (Int) 1
Athletics (Br)
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Computers (Int) 2
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Deception (Cun)
Discipline (Will)
Leadership (Pr)
Mechanics (Int) 2
Medicine (Int)
Negotiation (Pr)
Perception (Cun) 1
Piloting - Planetary (Ag)
Piloting - Space (Ag)
Resilience (Br)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag) 1
Streetwise (Cun) 1
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Combat Skills Rank
Brawl (Br)
Gunnery (Ag)
Melee (Br)
Ranged - Light (Ag) 2
Ranged - Heavy (Ag)
Knowledge Skills Rank
Core Worlds (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Outer Rim (Int)
Underworld (Int) 1
Xenology (Int)


Weapon Skill DMG Range Crit HP Special
Fists Brawl 1 Engaged 5 Adv 0 Disorient 1, Knockdown
Holdout Blaster Pistol Ranged (light) 5 Short 4 Adv 1 Stun Setting, add 1 setback die to Perception check to search for pistol
Blaster Pistol Ranged (light) 6 Medium 3 Adv 3 Stun Setting

Talents and Special Abilities:

Name/Rank Ability
Bypass Security (1) Remove 1 setback die to Skullduggery or Computer skill checks made to disable a security device or open a locked door
Convincing Demeanor (1) Remove 1 setback die per rank from any Deception or Skulduggery check
Technical Aptitude (1) Reduce completion time by 25% per rank for computer-related tasks
Defensive Slicing (1) Add 1 setback die per rank to opponent while defending computer systems
Natural Programmer Re-roll 1 Computers or Astrogation check.
Codebreaker (1) Remove 1 setback die when attempting to break codes or decrypt communications per rank of Codebreaker. Reduce difficulty by 1 on Computer or Intellect checks made to break codes or decrypt communications (does not increase with additional ranks).


Encumbrance Threshold: 11 (5+Brawn, +4 backpack, +1 belt)
Encumbrance Current: 10
Weapons and Armor
  • Holdout blaster pistol (1)
  • Blaster pistol (1)
Personal Gear
  • Backpack (-)
  • Utility belt (-)

  • Slicer gear (1)
  • Outlaw Tech Data Breaker (1) [R]
  • Datapad (1)
  • Toolkit (4)
  • Climbing gear (1)

  • 3 x emergency repair kit (0)
  • Mechanical scanner (0)
  • 5 x ration (0)
  • 4 x binders (0)
  • 1 x stimpacks (0)
  • 2 x weapon mod parts (0)
  • 1 x restraining bolt (0)
  • Scanner googles - NVG (0)
  • 2 x surveillance tagger (0)
  • Commlink (0)













Notable Features: